Top Three Things You Should Know

Here are some things you should be reading, things you may not necessarily know about. These are some things which any aspiring magazine journalist should know about.

The Style Challenge is a straightforward article about style in the array of different media outlets we have available to us. While it is common sense to know a general outline of how to write for broadcast, radio, and public relations while a mass communications major, this article goes much further. It is worth a read and some thought.

Anyone in this field knows that the job market is a tough one but how to get the upper-hand can sometimes be a hit or miss. This article, based from experience, shows how important it is to know about different forms of technology today and that being in the know is looked for. It is an invaluable tool one can use when transitioning from university to job. 

Another article to read deals with the present issue of open journalism in today’s tech savvy world. In any type of journalism there is a need for sources, being able to be transparent but also protect the rights of the source is an important issue one should be well aware of.

Like any profession one should research things pertinent to the field, especially considering how fast the world is changing around us due to technology. If one does this then one can stay on top. While I have listed three things here there are so many other things which you should know about, do a little research, it could provoke you to take a different look at things.


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