Death: On Being A Sacred Place To Rest

The following is a terribly written rambling of something which occurred to me while in my archaeology class today as we touched upon the subject or burial mounds, cemeteries, graveyards, etc and peoples sacred attachment to the places where our bodies rest after death.

In archaeology class we touched upon the subject of digging up relatively recent graves, i.e. 200 years old, and the problems surrounding that. Most people have a belief that graves are sacred and should not be touched, that is where ones body is laid to rest and it should not be removed. However, I personally am less inclined to think of it as sacred and more so physical. That is the place you were laid to rest yes but does that actually matter. In the context of your life it may and we can discern certain things from that BUT I do not think it is sacred. Your body is not sacred, it is merely a vessel and it is part of a cycle. Once you die it is merely the stuff which allows the growth of more organisms and thus a balance it put into place. Given, it may provide context for what you ate and what you did it will never tell anyone what you believed and who you as an individual were. Your body is just that… your body, you possess a body it is yours but it is not you. We are so disconnected from our mortality that we immortalize ourselves after death and believe we then are sacred.


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