Project Status: Resumed

I’ve been working on this project for quite a while now and its not one I feel I should disclose as it is supposed to be anonymous.  I started it months ago and still have not completed it and its not like its a huge project or anything. It has made me reflect on my drive so to speak since it is something I really would like to see completed but just have not worked on. My goal is to complete it within the month and hopefully my creative juices help me out with that. I really want to see the impact it has if any on the location I will be displaying it. I’m working on contact info if I can ever smooth out the name as well as logistics of how to create the finished product/s. Note: This is in no way an illegal project. I’m very excited at my renewed enthusiasm in this even if it comes at somewhat of a crap time with school starting and even though the help of someone would be well…helpful.


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