The Road Is Forked In Two

Recently I had a conversation with my friend about her literature class and it really fascinated me. I began to look up the Literature program at our school and found creative writing and literature to be the most interesting. This brought me, however, to a harsh reality. Should I continue with Anthropology or should I do Literature. At this point any change would be extremely difficult for me and I may not graduate on time. I may also go over the credit hours allotted to me and pay 3x more tuition. While our school has a program to see what credits you need and allows you to create scenarios if you are unsure, I’m still not sure I wont be screwed. It means taking at least 5 classes over the course of summer term which means having a job might be a bit difficult given the shortened time frame and increase in workload. Another problem is that I wont be able to take any Lit classes to see if I am interested since I already have so many credit hours. My friend plans on recording her class and I will probably go see a career counselor to see what my choices are but the fact that this decision is so stressful makes me nervous about the future. I never have liked making choices let alone the big ones because once you make a choice you have to own it and hope the other wouldn’t have been better. I get told I’ll figure it out and you know what you are right, I will, but I wont be figuring out anything in college. It might be helpful to meet someone who was an anthropology major or a lit. major who never went to grad school and see what they are doing or what you can do so i may make a more informed decision. Though maybe the decision is hopeless and I don’t want to make it because neither sounds appealing. Five years from now I hope I’m not stuck in the same rut or I’m at least happy with a minimum wage paying job. I don’t see myself getting a job in anthropology so if I do stick with it then I’ll have to look forward to lovely cubicle jobs or ones with crap pay. Life is great.


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